Thou Shalt Not Kill

Unless your own life is threatened

Unless you perceive your life to be threatened

Unless you plan to eat the creature you slaughter

Unless the creature is a pest

Unless the subject doesn’t comply immediately
— hands up —

Unless you’re on the brink of a breakdown

Unless the body in question is brown

Unless that brown body is accused of a crime against a white body or, worse yet, against capitalism

Unless you’re imposing state-sanctioned murder

Unless the subject does not have a DNR

Unless the patient presents with a complaint and has documented drug-seeking behavior

Unless the subject is not worthy of life

Write this down: worthy is just like you

Unless the subject is addicted to danger

Unless the subject is suspected to have a weapon

Unless the subject is wearing a hoodie
out for a run that looks like a sprint
not listening when you tell them

Unless there is land at stake

Unless it’s yourself

Unless you have children and can’t be bothered to lock up your guns

Unless the death serves some utilitarian purpose

Unless you can ignore murder
or make meaning of it

Unless you can tell the bereaved parents
“another angel up in heaven”
“God has a reason for everything”

Unless you are the bullet

Unless you are holding a smoking gun

image of handgun by dirtdriver38 from Pixaby




Truth teller. Grace giver.

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Kristy Milligan

Kristy Milligan

Truth teller. Grace giver.

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