What will it take, America?

To disrupt your complacency?

To rip you from the comfort of your misconceptions?

For centuries, you’ve held fast to concepts like capitalism as cure, rugged individualism, manifest destiny, bootstraps.

For all your second-amendment rights, pandemic is the one thing you cannot take aim at with your semi-automatic weapons, decimate.

There is no panacea. Only hope, which hinges on your willingness to abdicate your personal will in service of the ultimate utilitarian precepts.

Will you unlock it with your key?

Not yet. For now, you stand in line at the grocery store beginning at 6am for a four-pack of toilet paper. You’re used to this move — you did the same for a new iPhone last summer, an Xbox two Christmasses ago.

You stand impatiently, entitled, hands open for the gift of consumerism, not because you need the paper products, but because you might — and someone has to buy them. It should be you, right?

Watching, glazed-eyed and numb, as the goverment infuses trillion into banks. Banks. How is that going to save your mother, who lives on social security?

You think your country is impervious. That somehow the models of government intrusion, stay-at-home-orders to keep people safe, do not apply to you. That a nation built on the graves of indigenous peoples, constructed on the backs of slaves, has some kinda commune with God.

No, this has been a long time coming.

Who will you blame when the pestilence reaches your house?



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